Egg Hunt!

Hey guess what! The Easter Egg Hunt is back!

We've hidden 20 discount codes around the website for you to find. Most of the codes are text links like the example here. (You didn't think we hid actual eggs, did you? 'Easter Egg' is a common nerdy term for a hidden surprise.)

The promos range in quality from getting a discount on 1 product to a significant discount on our entire product line. You can't combine codes for our stuff, so keep looking until you find the one you want the most. Most of the codes have links that automatically apply them to your cart, and you can check the math once you hit 'Check Out' but before you enter any personal information. All we ask is that once you find a code that you keep it to yourself. No sharing eggs! That's cheating.

All the codes expire at midnight Friday, so hop to it!!!