About Us


Back in 2007 I gave birth to a redhead named Lucy.  Naturally, she had a talent for breaking out with a revolving repertoire of skin conditions after using commercial detergents. Being a nerdy hippie mother, I called upon my chemistry knowledge and made sure I knew exactly what was going into every single thing that touched her skin by making it with my own hands. Recipes were perfected, fun was had, and pretty soon I had too much soap. No human should have as much soap as I had. So I opened an Etsy shop and made a career of making people smell better.


These days Lucy and her big sister Zoe are old enough to help with the business. (For maybe 10 minutes before they find something better to do, but I'll take it.) You can smell their influence on my blends, actually...Lucy's very favorite notes are violet and almond, and Zoe's are peppermint and rose. The kid named her imaginary, friendly, dark-room-guarding monster Peppermint Rose. I guess I'll have to take responsibility on that one. In this family, scent is the most important sense. Their little brother Rhys is in for an interesting childhood.


My husband, Lucas, has joined in full time as lip balm pourer and order packer. If you ordered Unicorn Farts and instead got Bourbon, actual farts, and maybe a cat, it's totally his fault. You may have noticed an increase of alcohol-related lip balms since he came on board. That's also totally his fault.


We live and make on the coast of Maine, which is a ridiculously beautiful part of the world. We're hugely influenced by our natural surroundings, which is why you see so many woodland, sea, and wildflower blends. We're also hugely influenced by the injustice and misfortune we see in the world, and we have zero problems using our business to bring about a change for the better.