Four Seasons of Balm - One Year, Twelve Tubes, Four Shipments

Four Seasons of Balm - One Year, Twelve Tubes, Four Shipments

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Owners of balm-eating Bichon Frisés, washers of balm-containing pants, leavers of balm in hot cars, this listing is for you.

At the start of each season, you'll receive three seasonal flavors of lip balm. Two will be flavors of my choosing from the regular lineup, and one will be a super secret subscription-exclusive flavor. You'll get three balms in June, three balms in September, three balms in December, and three balms in March. Shipping for all four shipments is reflected in this listing, so all you have to do for the rest of the year is watch your mailbox. (Not for the whole year, just when you're expecting a shipment.)

Unfortunately I can't accept requests for specific flavors, but be sure to let me know of any aversions or allergies to essential oils. I can't change my base recipe though, sorry!

Base ingredients: Beeswax (scent intact), Cocoa Butter (scent intact), Shea Butter (refined), Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin e

Also let me know:
- When you'd like to start the subscription! I can hold off for a special date for the first shipment, or I can send it out on my next shipping day reflecting the current season.
- The shipping address, if you're having it shipped to a friend.
- What you'd like written on the note, if you're having it shipped to a friend. (The first shipment comes with an explanation of what's going to go down in their mailbox for the rest of the year, so you can keep it to personal affirmations of affection.)

If there is no message with your order, I'll ship the first shipment right away for the current season to the address provided without a note on the explanatory literature.

**Vintage berry basket not included