Lip Balm Madness


      Ever since I married a man obsessed with basketball, we've turned into a basketball family. March is a big thing in our house now. We all fill out brackets. I pick mine based on mascots. We even do a bracket pool with our knitting group.

      So this year, we decided it would be fun to have a tournament of lip balms. Because why not? 

      We've chosen 16 of our most popular lip balms to face off in a series of votes on our Facebook page. Each day, we'll start a new round of voting, and the lip balm that gets the most votes will advance. The lip balms "playing" every day will be on sale, but the sales won't impact who wins. 

      Plus! If you think you know which lip balms are the best, you can fill out a bracket in our free bracket contest! The winning bracket will receive a goodie box full of stuff from our shop and a few things from our friends around town! Email us your filled bracket at by Wednesday at midnight to enter. Only 1 bracket per person. No, Karen. Your cat is not a person. 

      UPDATE: It's occurred to us that there might be a tie. When you email your bracket, please tell us how many votes the winner will get in the final. 

      UPDATE UPDATE: Voting has already started, so bracket predictions are closed. But you can still vote! 


      16 products

      16 products